Parish Press Newsletter Number 2 Spring 2020

1 March 2020

A message from Councillor Sandra Keller, Chair of Oulton Broad Parish Council

Welcome to our second newsletter! We hope that you find this medium helpful to keep up to date on what we are achieving on your behalf, and on what is going on in the area. We will continue to publish this twice a year.

You will notice a few adverts in this edition from some local businesses, we hope you will find these useful and support our local businesses when you can.

The advertising also helps us to cover some of the cost of producing the newsletter.

We have been very busy since last time, with lots of activities planned for the year ahead, you’ll find details in this issue, we hope you will be able to attend and enjoy these events.

A couple of larger projects have been undertaken including installing CCTV within Nicholas Everitt Park. We hope this will discourage unsocial behaviour, caused by the minority, and help to keep the general public safe, to enjoy the park and wildlife.

The Museum’s heating has also been replaced with a modern system, which will help to protect the artefacts and enable the museum to operate better.

I wish you all an enjoyable year, and if you have any problems that you would like us to advise on or deal with please do get in touch.

Sandra Keller, Councillor.

Parish Press Newsletter Number 2 Spring 2020