Ben Falat

Vice Chair

Committee membership:

Planning & Environment, Events & Tourism, Finance & Governance

When I first arrived by train in Oulton Broad I had just discovered 'The Alps’; ‘Flat-Land’ was a shock to the system, but it grows on you.

My wife’s family lived on a houseboat on Oulton Broad when she was born and we are both still wholly involved in water sports, in particular sailboat racing. I taught (Maths) in a local high school mainly, for some 15-years, interspersed with an equal period as an Officer in the Royal Navy and then some time in a 6th-form college, up the road. Our first house was in Beccles Road and the present one is North of the broad; daughter attended Oulton Broad Primary and Lothingland so yes, I do now feel well qualified as a ‘local’.

Indeed I love it here and not only do I seek to do the very best for everyone in the locality but also I should like to be allowed to have a hand in improvements and in promoting to the wider world of tourism what we might offer.

Now retired I am time-rich enough to be able to focus my efforts onto returning and enhancing what this Community has given me over the last 45-years.

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East Suffolk Council is responsible for refuse collection in Oulton Broad

Suffolk County Council is responsible for road repairs in Oulton Broad

Suffolk County Council is responsible for some street lights in Oulton Broad

East Suffolk Council is responsible for planning in Oulton Broad

The Broads Authority is responsible for looking after the local broads

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