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Ben Falat

Vice Chair

Committee membership:

Planning & Environment, Finance & Governance, Personnel

When I first arrived by train in Oulton Broad I had just discovered 'The Alps’; ‘Flat-Land’ was a shock to the system, but it grows on you.

My wife’s family lived on a houseboat on Oulton Broad when she was born and we are both still wholly involved in water sports, in particular sailboat racing. I taught (Maths) in a local high school mainly, for some 15-years, interspersed with an equal period as an Officer in the Royal Navy and then some time in a 6th-form college, up the road. Our first house was in Beccles Road and the present one is North of the broad; daughter attended Oulton Broad Primary and Lothingland so yes, I do now feel well qualified as a ‘local’.

Indeed I love it here and not only do I seek to do the very best for everyone in the locality but also I should like to be allowed to have a hand in improvements and in promoting to the wider world of tourism what we might offer.

Now retired I am time-rich enough to be able to focus my efforts onto returning and enhancing what this Community has given me over the last 45-years.

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